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20. November 2014
L´argus: AAA AUTO, the second biggest distributor of used car in Europe
The journalist Catherine Leroy made interview with CEO Karolina Topolová and wrote a big article about AAA ATO for French magazine L´argus.

TV NOVA: Karolína Topolová in the TV show "Breakfast with NOVA"
12. March 2014
TV NOVA: Karolína Topolová in the TV show "Breakfast with NOVA"
CEO Karolína Topolová as a guest of TV NOVA show broadcasted on February 27th.

EKONOM: Managers are no longer inactive aristocracy
16. January 2014
EKONOM: Managers are no longer inactive aristocracy
Interview with Karolína Topolová about her motivation, company´s growth she is the CEO of, their plans to open new branches and return to the Hungarian market.

15. January 2014 Customer´s interest in used cars is growing, last year there was imported over 126,000
Karolína Topolová commented situation on the used car market. One percent growth - to more than 126,000 vehicles imported from abroad comparing to the previous year. The best-selling brands are traditionally ŠKODA cars from Mladá Boleslav.

13. December 2013
DENÍK: Business in used cars is still actual
Karolína Topolová in an interview about the current status of AAA AUTO in used car market, the risks of company´s business activities and positive evaluation of ČOI organization.

12. December 2013
Hospodářské noviny: AAA AUTO expects it´s profit growth, now benefiting from a weaker Czech Crown
The interview with Karolína Topolová where she commented recent AAA AUTO´s position in used-cars market, it´s trends and company´s development during last years.

7. February 2013
EKONOM: Even companies buy used cars
Ekonom - The largest used-car seller network has strengthened. "First six months of this year will be complicated," says Karolína Topolová in the interview about company´s succesful last year sales results.

30. August 2012
Plans of the new CEO of AAA Auto

30. August 2012
We would like to continue to reinforce the position of AAA Auto

27. March 2012
AAA AUTO plans another dealership in Russia. The Profit expects in 2013.
CTK - Moscow 27th March (reporter of ČTK) – Russia is, for the first foreign used cars dealer at local market, Czech company AAA AUTO, „an unlimited country with many possibilities“, says company boss Anthony Denny. In a interview with ČTK indicates, that the plans do not end with one dealership, but the second arrival will be located more likely at north of Moscow than in St. Petersburg. The profit of the Russian business would be achieved next year. more

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