Green Cars at AAA AUTO

We are getting ready for electric cars!

Do you want a quieter city, cleaner environment and lower running costs for your car? Join with us in supporting electric cars. AAA AUTO is the first used car dealer to affiliate itself with the electromobility project run by power company ČEZ, a.s. Thanks to this, you can recharge your electric car conveniently right at the AAA AUTO branch in Prague. We are also preparing to open another recharging station in Brno and, within five years, we want to make recharging of electric cars possible at all of our branches. We have also decided to subject electric cars to thorough testing so that we can gain experience with a view to offering them for sale and purchase in the future. Even now, though, you can find cars at AAA AUTO with high fuel efficiency and minimal CO2 emissions.

Support our green future together with us.

Choose a car with high fuel efficiency at AAA AUTO.

Recharging stations in Prague and Brno

Come and recharge your electric car at AAA AUTO completely free of charge. You can now recharge your electric car free of charge right in front of our branch in Prague in a brand new recharging station, open 24 hours a day. We will also soon be opening a recharging station for you in front of our branch in Brno, as well.

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