Control of
the mileage reading

At AAA AUTO we make every effort to reveal
the true odometer reading for each car that we buy

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How and when does verification work?


We check the VIN number - the "birth number" - of the car, ensuring its compliance with the manufacturer‘s schedule


We verify that the car is not registered as stolen in either the Czech or Slovakia Republics


We verify production, an effective defence against the so-called rejuvenation of cars to increase prices


We verify that the car is not on a lease, and therefore cannot be seized by the leasing companies


We examine whether the owner of the car was subject to any execution order


We examine whether the vehicle is encumbered by any unpaid VAT.


Control of the mileage reading

12 000 imported used vehicles each month enter service with rewound odometers. This is, according to experts, the majority of the total number of imported used cars. Unfortunately, the legalised fraud around these cars is undiscovered by using the STK system, according to the consumer organizations. A criminal rewinds the car in Germany and obtains the Czech STK certificate, even when the import inspection records show fraudulent mileage. This figure is then considered to be the first available indication of true mileage in the Czech Republic. Regular checks of car history databases using national data thus reveal nothing .200,000 cars with rewound odometers are newly registered or re-registered annually. Anyone who buys an imported used car is exposed to this risk.

At AAA AUTO we make every effort to reveal the true odometer reading for each car that we buy. We are able to use all available sources of information, including authentic service record books, and based on a thorough inspection of the car we then verify the mileage. We provide, for the lifetime of the car, our legal Money Back Guarantee. Verification is by Autogarance Carlife and gives these cars a 5-star rating.

There are cars that are not in the databases or with enough mileage data for us to be able to say with certainty that the reading on the odometer matches the actual mileage. For these cars no odometer or money back guarantee is given because of the possibility that the odometer was tampered with. You will be informed of any possibility of a discrepancy between the odometer and the real mileage during the handover protocol.

Then there are cars that have odometers that have - on the basis of our analysis - either been modified, replaced, or damaged. We buy such cars mostly as trade-ins as a service to our customers. Their prices are based on the expected odometer reading. We do not guarantee the odometer and also cannot later offer a refund due to any differences between the odometer reading and reality. Any discrepancy between the odometer and reality is explained during the handover protocol.

Why is it important to you that we verify the true kilometer reading?

It is especially dangerous to buy a car whose owner was in execution. Such a car may be impounded at any time. Therefore, the car owner is checked against the execution register. Problems can also occur with imported used cars sold without correctly paying Czech VAT. Vehicles purchased from AAA AUTO do not have this problem because of our screening process. The mileage and year of manufacture are the two figures that mainly determine the value of your car and are frequently altered in favour of the seller.

The Resale Price of a „rewound” car can be up to 30,000 crowns higher. So, when buying a used car it is not just the lowest price that matters. The market is full of cars with unclear origins, and poor service records. Most of them are sold illicitly on the street through advertisements. The risks are huge. Buy where you are able to examine the history of the car, including the true state of mileage.


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