AAA Auto International changes name to AURES Holdings, but AAA AUTO brand to continue

Only the company’s name is changing. Its legal form, registered office and other details will remain unchanged

Prague, 28 February 2018 – AAA Auto International, a.s., the company which operates the AAA AUTO international network of car dealerships, is changing its name to AURES Holdings, a.s. on 1 March 2018. In renaming itself, the company wants to draw attention to the wider range of activities performed by the group, which, apart from its used car business, is also engaged in other areas relating to the provision of comprehensive mobility solutions.

“AAA Auto International, a.s. nowadays has a much broader profile than car sales under the AAA AUTO brand, and for this reason we have decided to adapt our name and brand portfolio to suit our new configuration, so as to better reflect the current state of affairs. The first part of the name “AURES” comes from the English words “Automotive Retail Systems”. This better reflects the wide range of activities we engage in within the framework of providing comprehensive mobility solutions for individual customers and companies. The car business will continue under the existing brands that have established their own tradition and customer base. This means that customers will still be able to find used cars in AAA AUTO dealerships, nearly new cars under the Mototechna and Mototechna Premium brands, and budget cars under the 1. Auto Diskont brand. An innovation laboratory named AuresLab was launched at the end of January,” said Karolína Topolová, CEO of the AAA AUTO international network of car dealerships.

“Nothing will change for our customers. Branding of the branches, marketing, the website and all other communications will still bear the logos of the AAA AUTO, Mototechna and 1. Auto Diskont brands after 1 March. Only the name of the controlling company will change. Customers will thus still be able to visit AAA dealerships to find a car just like they used to in the past,”Karolína Topolová confirmed. The name change also has no impact on the contractual relations and liabilities of AAA Auto International, a.s. “This is still the same entity, with the same company ID number, the same VAT number and the same address, in the same building,” said Topolová, explaining the situation.


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