How does AAA AUTO purchase vehicles?

  • Arrival of the customer at the AAA AUTO branch

    After arriving at the branch, one of our specialists from the Purchasing Department will look after you and familiarise you with the whole process. Bring a certified power of attorney with you (form to download). Thanks to this, we can settle everything over the course of 30 minutes.
  • Check on vehicle and identification documents

    First of all a check is made on the details contained in the registration certificate to see whether the car has been crashed and whether you are the actual owner. If you are not the owner, all you need is a power of attorney from the owner certified by a notary which is registered in the large part of the registration certificate (only for cars worth up to CZK 200,000).
  • Test drive: checking the handling

    After this, a test drive can be taken. During this, a check is made on the basic handling, the functionality of all systems and all of the equipment in the car. The test drive usually takes 10 minutes.
  • Inspection of the car in the service centre / on the ramp

    After the test drive, the car is taken to the ramp so we can make a thorough check on any possible defects or wear and tear. We ascertain what scope of servicing and costs would be required for us to be able to offer the car to our customers and offer a warranty for it.
  • Checking the car on diagnostic equipment and checking to see whether it has been crashed

    At the end, modern diagnostic equipment is usually used to inspect the car, this either being directly in the purchasing area or at a specialist site. This inspection uncovers defects, malfunctions or risks which can sometimes not even be ascertained by the trained eyes of the professionals.
  • Determination of the price

    The results of all inspections are projected into the final price we offer for your car, together with other details about the vehicle (age, mileage, colour and equipment etc.) The value of your car is also affected by the number of similar cars on the given market, its breakdown rate, liquidity and interest on the part of customers in the given model etc. But we always offer you the highest possible price for your car.
  • Agreement with the customer

    You can now view all output inspection data for the car including a market analysis with explanation by our purchasing specialist. Our surveys show that 90% of customers are satisfied with the price offered!
  • Check on the legal origin and mileage

    The car must now be checked from the point of view of technical inspections it has undergone, development of mileage, whether it is being financed with one of the providers of financial services which is affected by distraint or insolvency and whether the VIN corresponds to the details contained in the registration certificate (physical check). The car is also screened in the database of stolen cars. If you do not have the documents needed for performance of this check (i.e. current statements from the central distraint register and insolvency register and also a report by a renowned company which deals in crosschecking the origin and history of vehicles), this may involve further payments for optional additional customer service which we can happily arrange for you according to price list. If you do not have a power of attorney, we can help you to arrange its certification. During preparation of the contract, we take you to the nearest Czech point.
  • Payment in cash

    If you agree with the offered price, we sign a purchase contract and the purchase price is paid out in cash or by cashless transfer to your account. The whole process usually takes approximately one hour. We handle all formalities for you as well as all obligations resulting from the new Road Traffic Act for the original owner. We transfer the car within 10 working days and arrange performance of the inspections required for registration. You no longer need to visit the respective authorities. We assume liability for all legal and technical problems relating to the car.

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