AAA AUTO, the largest second hand car dealer from central Europe, launches the new auto center from Bucureşti

Bucureşt, 8. 6. 2007 - AAA AUTO S.A. Romania, part of the AAA AUTO a.s. group from Czech Republic will launch on June 8th, 2007 the new location from Bucureşt. The headquarters from Bld. Iuliu Maniu will be moved in the new center located on the Bucureşt-Piteşti highway, km.13,5, inside Bucharest West Logistic Park. The complex, which covers a surface of 14.780 m², includes a 12.310 m² spacious showroom, a workshop for 12 cars and room dedicated to the delivery, repairs and vehicle acquisition. The new AAA AUTO center is the first of this type in Bucureşti, the company is trying to answer clients demand, offering them a space with an increased level of comfort and an extended range of imported and locally bought cars.

“Since entering the Romanian market in 2005, AAA AUTO proved to be an key player for the second hand car market. In 2006 we tripled our sales compared to 2005, when we sold 1000 cars. In 2006 AAA AUTO registered €24,4 million with 3.100 vehicles sold, compared to € 8.41in 2005. The beginning of 2007 showed an double volume increase compared to 2006. Increased demand drove AAA AUTO to the opening of new branches and expanding the Bucurest headquarters to a more spacious location, with a pleasant environment and a diversified services offer”, says Chairman of the Board of AAA AUTO, Anthony James Denny.

The company opened,in April, the Brasov acquisitions branch. Because of the market demand in the next two months it will function also with a sales and financial services departments. Due to the success achieved with the wide range of financial services offered on vehicle to its the clients on site, the company has in plan the expansion on a national scale. In autumn is expected to open a buying branch in Timisoara, which will be, by spring 2008,  a complete auto center with selling services offering 200 cars.

“We hope the new center will give a different image to all clients about second hand car business, not only as location but also by our extended gamut of imported and locally bought cars, all of them having all taxes paid”, declares Marius Baluţă, General Manager AAA AUTO Romania

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